Human Rights Violations of Michigan Emergency Managers

Michigan has become a state on the forefront of emergency management legislation. While there are some similar systems in place in New York City, Michigan has taken it to a new level by giving all of the power to a single person rather than to a board, like in New […]

The New and Next in Detroit

“It’s time to meet what’s new. And what’s next,” says Time Allen during his voiceover in the newest Pure Michigan national campaign that centered on Detroit. The commercial is depictive of revitalization in Detroit. As urban policy Professor Peter Eisinger puts it, the revival efforts of the city are, “trying […]

The Look of Silence: same genocide, different lens

In 2012 Joshua Oppenheimer showed the world the almost unheard of tragedies of the Indonesian genocide of communists in his film The Act of Killing. A mere two years later Oppenheimer released a follow up to his Oscar nominated film, and grabbing another nomination from the Academy in the process, […]

Panahi’s “Taxi” as a vehicle for his fight against injustice

After his recent ban on film making, Jafar Panahi has pushed the boundaries on what may be considered as a film. Through documenting what he claims to be his everyday life, Panahi has given his audiences a true glimpse into the lives of the average Iranian. But this only makes […]

A Continuation on HIV Treatment in Louisiana Prisons

The main issue here is that prisons in Louisiana are not providing HIV testing to prisoners, nor are they giving the inmates HIV treatment and care, nor a linkage to care after they are released. The key players in this situation are the members of the Republican administration, as numerous […]

Nepal’s Dark Secret

Human trafficking occurs allover the world and every second, another person falls victims to a part in the process. There are a few different types of human trafficking. Some of those include, marriage, bonded, servitude, and sex slavery. Each one of those has its implications for legislation and for how each […]

The harmful comments of those in power

When we think of human rights violations we often think of extremes in poor foreign countries where people are being killed for who they are, but rights are violated everywhere. European countries have a history filled with violating atrocities. Examples include the Atlantic Slave Trade and the colonization of America […]

Texas: Catching Up with the Effects of Immigration Policy on Migrant Deaths

In the past four years, Texas has earned a new reigning title as the border state with the highest number of border-crosser deaths per year.  According to “Searching for the Living, the Dead, and the New Disappeared on the Migrant Trail in Texas: Preliminary Report on Migrant Deaths in South […]

Burned Out But With Embers Glowing

Author’s note: I don’t want this blog to be misconstrued into something disparaging against my study abroad program, but rather to highlight some of the downfalls to development work that can lead to burnout. Because of that, I will not name anyone specifically and this blog should serve as constructive […]

Annotations on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Cultural Constructions of Risk

Belluz, Julia 2014    The Truvada Wars. BMJ 348:g3811. In this article, medical journalist Julia Belluz discerns the various threads of controversy within the public discourse of PrEP in the UK and US. First, she examines the negative reception it received from members of the AIDS activist and gay community, such […]