The Environment Vs. Us

Global warming is a product of humans. 97% of scientists agree that we are the main cause. But the question is: should we feel bad about it? Now this question may be ridiculous for some, but in some terms we must look at what we have done in the past […]

Root Causes of Human Rights Abuses in the Northern Triangle

In order to properly assess the reasons why there is such an influx of unaccompanied minors attempting to seek asylum in the United States, it is important to understand the historical, political, social, and economic push factors. The histories of these conflicts in these three countries are explicitly influenced by […]

The Correlation Between Unemployment and Poverty in the City of Flint

As many people are aware, Flint, Michigan is in a state of emergency because of high levels of lead that has been leaking into the water. An Emergency Manager that was appointed by the State of Michigan because we were so financially burdened. The job of the Emergency manager was […]

Human Rights Violations in Guantanamo Bay

When I was searching for articles for my social media project, I came across an article in the New York Times entitled “How Will Obama’s Plan to Close Guantanamo Work?”  I was very curious to learn more about Guantanamo Bay after reading this article, and I after more research, I […]

Americas War On Drugs Uncovered

“We decided to deal with a health problem as if it was a legal problem. Addiction is an effect of human unhappiness and human suffering. When people are distressed they want to soothe their distress. When people are in pain, they want to soothe their pain. So the real question […]

Darfur: Where It Stands in the Contemporary World.

I previously wrote about the theoretical concepts of responsibility as it applies to the conflict in Sudan, Rwanda, and even the Syrian refugee crisis. Just within the colonial history, responsibility is an influential concept that is being codified to promote governmental action and intervention in these conflicts and situations similar […]

Racism in America: Flint Water Crisis

Given the background of racism in America described in my last blog post, I now turn towards a specific incident that resulted from poor race relations within the U.S., that being the Flint water crisis. To give a brief history of the events leading up to the crisis, I used […]

Beyond the White-Black Binary

  It is common knowledge that there is a dramatic split between black and white populations between Detroit city and its suburbs. Detroit is one of the most highly segregated metropolitan areas. Additionally, the Detroit metropolis has the highest Index of Dissimilarity and highest Isolation Index (Logan, 2010). The divide […]

Harmful Reproduction Policies in Latin America- Blog Post 2

When first exploring topics for our final paper I was immediately drawn to something related to reproductive rights. My parents had lived in Brazil for a while and the Zika virus is something that was particularly concerning for that region. I decided one of the first things I needed to […]

Research and Interviews for Final Paper

Over the past few years I have periodically volunteered with the Lansing Refugee Development Center (RDC). During my time volunteering with them, I came to realize that I want to work with refugees for my career. I decided to write my final paper on the refugee crisis, and how the […]